Friday, February 27, 2015

Penelope Lane Spring Boutique on March 28 - List of Vendors

The Penelope Lane Spring Boutique on Saturday, March 28th 
at The Grand Event Center located at 4101 E. Willow Street in Long Beach will provide a fabulous
shopping opportunity for everyone who loves the handcrafted experience! There will be two rooms of booths featuring top-notch crafters and artisans providing creative, trendy, and delightful hand-crafted treasures. You won't want to miss it!

Shopping hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We highly recommend that you plan a "girl's day" out for this fun shopping experience!

Free Parking! 
$1.00 Entrance Fee
Convenient Stroller parking in the lobby
Wheelchair accessible

Vendors for the upcoming Spring Boutique:

Denise’s Toffee 

We'll see you there!!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Adventure Giveaway Winner!

It's time to announce the winner of the Penelope Lane Boutique Adventure Giveaway! First of all, thank you to all who participated. Be sure to keep an eye out for our future giveaways! And don't forget to visit us on March 28th at the Penelope Lane Spring Boutique at the Grand Event Center in Long Beach!

Now for the moment of truth.
And the winner is.....
 Tina McCallum!!!!

Congratulations Tina! Please be sure to email us your address:

we LOVE you all!

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Friday, February 20, 2015


We teamed up with The Lil' Cupcake Shop and Mustard & Grey for this adorable giveaway! All of the items you see here plus the Dr. Seuss book "Oh the Places You'll Go," could be yours if you enter our instagram giveaway! Go to @penelopelaneboutique for details about how to enter. The winner will be announced Wednesday, February 25th right here on the blog! Don't miss out!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mason Jar Berry Cheesecake by Becca

Our good friend Becca has the cutest blog filled with the yummiest recipes. She's one of those girls that is so good at everything so when she posts anything, you really want to read it so you can be good at things like she is. Today we are sharing her delicious recipe for Mason Jar Berry Cheesecake. No bake necessary! That's what we like to hear. Try out the recipe and be sure to let us know how much you loved it! And don't forget to follow Becca's blog: From Head 2 Toe 

Becca says: I started blogging recipes on my blog in January 2014 as part of a way to challenge myself in the kitchen. I wanted to journal favorite San Diego restaurants and also favorite recipes from my own repertoire. I have a couple of tried and true family favorites, as well as some made up recipes on my blog. Since my husband Derek is in his medical residency, we don’t get to spend that much time together. On a rare chance he has a weekend off, we love nothing more than to visit our favorite locations like the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Old Town, and eat delicious food! Since being married, I have definitely expanded both of our horizons to of fig & goat cheese crostini, but also mastered childhood favorites like beef stew. I absolutely love spending time in my kitchen with fresh ingredients, creating and making new foods. I also love to entertain, so most of my recipes are great for small dinner parties, or even large batch cooking to serve a crowd. For more recipes, please check out the recipe tab at the top of my blog!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Shirley Temple

Valentine's Day is this weekend and the weather has been warming up around these parts, so we wanted to share our favorite romantic & refreshing drink! These are our homemade Shirley Temples made with only THREE ingredients! Here's how it goes:

What you will need:

10 oz bottle of maraschino cherries 
A couple cans of ginger-ale or fresca
& an orange (optional, but super yum and fun)

Fill a cup with ice.
 Scoop out 3 to 4 tablespoons of cherry juice from the bottle of cherries and pour it in the cup.
Fill the rest of the cup with ginger-ale. 
Slice an orange and slip a slice in the cup.
Add some cherries.
& enjoy! 

And there you have it! Your homemade Shirley Temple! It could not possibly be easier than that. 
Try it and let us know if you loved it as much as we do!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

25 Valentine's Date Ideas on a Budget

Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday where we have the opportunity to show extra love to our special someone. But, when you're not in a situation where you want to spend a bunch of extra money, or you just don't want to give in to the consumerism of the holiday, you sometimes have to get creative. Miles and I are newlyweds expecting our first baby so we just can't lay down the cash to go out to a fancy restaurant for Valentine's Day. Actually, we've been together for a lot of Valentine's Days and have never gone out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate. It's always something simple and creative, but always a night to remember. Together, we made a list of what we think are fun, inexpensive dates for Valentine's Day. In fact, each Valentine's Day we've had together, we've celebrated by doing something on this list. So without further ado...

25 Valentine's Date Ideas on a Budget:

1. Have a bon fire and make chili dogs & s'mores. 
2. Dress up like you're going somewhere fancy but hit up Cafe Rio or In-N-Out, no one needs to know you don't have anywhere fancy to go afterward
3. Go to a sporting event at your local college
4. Take a walk somewhere beautiful. 
5. Go to the aquarium! The aquarium is one of my favorite dates ever.
6. Play games at an arcade, get tons of tickets, and win prizes. Then play with your prizes! One time I won a trick mustard bottle that shot out yellow string, but looked like it was shooting out mustard. I had a great time with that thing.
7. Obviously take photos in a photo booth
8. Make crafts. Draw pictures for each other, write sweet notes on cut-out hearts, make mini scrapbooks for each other or look on Pinterest for a fun Valentine-themed craft
9. Visit a local candy shoppe (watch out...this can get expensive if you're not careful)
10. Go on a hike
11. Watch the sunset cuddling in a blanket
12. Have a picnic in the backyard! You can make this picnic incredibly cozy because you can use so many blankets and pillows! 
13. Make dinner together. Try something you've never made before.
14. Do something active together... surf, skateboard, batting cages
15. Go bowling!
16. Get a group of friends together and rent a duffy boat with sparkling cider and sandwiches or burritos
17. Thrifty's ice cream sundaes
18. Check out your city's events on your city's website
19. Serve together: Volunteer at a shelter, bring dinner to someone who could use some help, etc.
20. Play your favorite game: We love the app Heads Up. 
21. Visit local tourist spots. If you're in Northern California, go to Golden Gate Park. If you're in Utah, visit Temple Square. Stuff like that. 
22. Use the gift cards you got from Christmas and go shopping or out to dinner and a movie.
23. Make dinner at home and go out for just dessert. If you want to splurge a little, try The Melting Pot. If not, just get shakes at Harbor House Cafe or split a cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory.
24. Order a pizza and binge-watch your favorite show together on Netflix. We just started "Friends" and we're hooked. This is probably how we will spend our Valentine's Day. 
25. Create a relationship bucket-list together!

Here is a mini scrapbook I made for Miles for Valentine's Day back when we first started dating.

This was from Valentine's Day 2009 taken in a Photo Booth at an arcade on Balboa Island. 

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Tegyn Friedman Photography

Who is this beautiful girl gracing the blog today, you ask? Oh, that is one of my [Sandy] best friends in the entire world, Tegyn Friedman. She is a beautiful soul and an amazingly sincere, wonderful friend. But she's also a crazy talented professional photographer. She's the obvious choice for my family for any photos we need and we've been nothing short of over-joyed by the images we get from her. She is amazing. She can do it all: engagements, weddings, maternity, births, family pictures, head shots, and pretty much anything else you can think of. She goes to great lengths to get the perfect shot for you. She'll lay on the ground, run, jump, get muddy, get wet, risk her life standing on top of things. She's all about that perfect shot. She just has the eye. You can have a great camera, but if you don't have "the eye," the results just won't be as magical. Tegyn has both an amazing camera AND "the eye." She knows exactly what she's doing. When she took our engagement pictures, she put us in, what I thought was, a super weird pose. I kept saying "this is going to look so weird," but she kept saying, "just trust me." As soon as I saw that picture, it instantly became one of my favorite photos from the shoot. I also hate being in pictures by myself, but she makes me feel so comfortable. Shoots with her are a blast. She is so much fun, listens to your ideas, and provides you with images you will cherish for the rest of your life. I can't sing her praises enough. Next time you need a photographer (local or not...she travels!), give Tegyn a try. I promise you won't be sorry. Check out some of her beautiful images below. Be sure to look at them all, because the last three are my absolute favorites.

How beautiful are these photos?! I love them all so much.
Check out more of Tegyn Friedman's photos at

Contact Tegyn Friedman Photography:

If you are interested in advertising your shop on our page, including a photoshoot by Tegyn of your products, click HERE
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Monday, February 2, 2015

PLB loves LuLaRoe

So, we've been a little obsessed with LuLaRoe lately. How can you not be though, really? They have the cutest collection of dresses, skirts, leggings, and tops. We especially love LuLaRoe because it's a super cute, super comfortable, and super affordable way to dress without showing too much skin. Our personal LuLaRoe collections just keep growing thanks to our friend and LuLaRoe consultant, Jill. We have been to, and hosted LuLaRoe parties where Jill brings a wide variety of only the cutest LuLaRoe pieces. The reason we love Jill as our LuLaRoe consultant is because 
1. She is totally honest with you. If it's not a perfect fit for you, she will recommend a different size or style. 
2. She brings some of her own accessories from home to give you super fun ideas about how to style your new LuLaRoe outfit. 
3. She has an eye for style.
4. She is loads of fun!

We had the best time dressing up with Jill in our favorite LuLaRoe styles for this photoshoot.
From left to right:
Katie: Girl's Maxi
Nancy: Irma Top
Jill: Amelia Dress
Sandy: Cassie Skirt, Monroe Kimono
Ella: Girl's Leggings
Sarah: Lucy Skirt, Irma top, Monroe Kimono

The Monroe Kimono's are to die for.

Look at that cute mom with her two girls! 

& look at this cute mom with her two girls!

We love LuLaRoe and know you will too! The way LuLaRoe is sold is through a consultant in your area. You can order straight from your consultant or find out when her next party will be so you can join in the fun and try stuff on. If you are in Orange County, LA County, or any of the nearby surrounding areas, contact Jill Gardner to host a party or find out when her next party will be. If you host a party, you can earn FREE LuLaRoe items. For every 10 items sold at your party, you get one piece of clothing for FREE! Sarah & I recently hosted a party together and EACH got a handful of free items! Plus Jill is a blast to be around so her parties are extra fun! 
Jill has been a vendor at the past few Penelope Lane Boutiques and we are lucky to also have her at the upcoming Spring Boutique on March 28th at the Grand Event Center in Long Beach. Come by and check her out!
Jill Gardner
(714) 661-8974
instagram: @lularoebyjill
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