Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's a Boy!

Hello PLB friends, Sandy here! Many of you may already know that my husband Miles & I are expecting our first baby! We are beyond thrilled and feel so incredibly blessed! I am now 16 weeks pregnant and we just recently found out our little nugget is a BOY! These past 16 weeks have definitely been memorable. I got a little sick in the first trimester but I really tried not to complain too much about it because I feel so blessed to even be pregnant. The two best parts of all of this so far have been 1.) the ultrasounds where we get to see the baby and hear his quick little heartbeats...and.. 2.) sharing the news with family. For my parents anniversary this year, we gave them the homemade card pictured below. My mom, dad, and sister (Sarah) were sitting next to each other on the couch when my mom opened the card and started bawling. Sarah was also crying while both of them kept repeating, "is this for real?" "are you serious?" The rest of my family just had to kinda catch on since no one ever read the inside of the card. The reactions, the love, and the support were overwhelming and absolutely priceless. We told Miles' mom through Skype by sending her a baby onesie for her birthday that said "Happy Birthday Grandma" on it. This will be her first grand-baby so she was just a mess. Miles' dad always gets mistaken for Miles' older brother, so to tell him, we got him a shirt that said, "Don't I look too young to be a Grandpa?!" He was also thrilled. It was so exciting to share the fun news with the ones we love the most. 

 To reveal the gender, we had a small group of family and friends over to my parents' home. We had everyone take either a pink or blue balloon according to their guess. We already knew the gender, so we poked teeny tiny holes in the pink balloons ahead of time. When we told everyone to blow up their balloons, only the blue ones inflated! It took a second for everyone to catch on (except for Sarah who, as you can tell from the video below, caught on right away), but once they did, it was so exciting!

We are absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to become parents! It is the craziest thing how this little alien creature growing inside of me whom I have never even met, already has my whole heart. We cannot wait to meet our little dude! 
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