Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Fake Calligraphy

People ask me all the time how I write calligraphy. It's seriously all just a lie. Making your cursive handwriting look like calligraphy is a lot easier than you might think. You'll only need a piece of paper (I usually use card stock for a little extra thickness) and an artist pen like a micron or prismacolor. You can also use a plain old gel pen or any pen that is kinda inky if you know what I mean by that. Please just don't try it with a ballpoint pen for crying out loud. Ok! Now that we have our supplies, just follow these three simple steps:

1. Write in cursive 
2. Wherever you make a down stroke, add another line there as if you're making that part of the letter a block letter. But try to make it gradual. So the block part will be thinner at the tops and bottoms and thickest in the middle. 
3. Now just color it in! 
You can see examples of steps 1-3 below. 
For more inspiration, check out my Mustard & Grey Instagram (@mustardandgrey) or go to the Mustard & Grey site. Now go ahead and try it! When you're done, post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag us so we can see it! 
 photo PLB-signature_zpsb6d045af.png


  1. Definitely going to try this!! Thanks Sandy!

  2. you make it sound so easy! and yours looks so good