Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fall Show Application and Vendor Information

The Fall show is coming up on September 27th

Penelope Lane Boutique has been North Orange County/Long Beach's quality handmade market since 2010. Our reputation for fun, unique, chic, and original items is growing! We have a large email and mailing list and thousands of Facebook, Instagram, and blog followers. Our six hour shows bring in approximately 1,000 shoppers! The majority of our vendor’s products are handmade. There will be space for 80 vendors for the September 27th show.

Click HERE for the application to the Fall show.

No home party/marketing-type lines are accepted in to this show.

Venue: THE GRAND EVENT CENTER, in East Long Beach ~ located at 4101 E. Willow located on the corner of Willow and Grand, one block west of Lakewood Boulevard, and very close to the 405 freeway. The Grand provides a five story parking structure with free parking.
We will be in the Grand Ballroom, the adjoining Garden Room, and in the patio. When filling out the application, please note if you wish to be in one of the ballrooms, the outside patio, on the stage, and, if you are accepted as a returning vendor, if you wish to have the same space you were in at the Summer Show.

Booth Space: Each booth area has a space of 8 feet wide by 4 feet deep and is for a free-standing booth. Vendors may purchase a double space if requested. There will be more walking room at this show because we are renting two rooms. There will be more room for our wheelchair guests and guests with strollers.

NO Central Checkout: Each vendor will need to collect the money for their own sales and provide change and bags for their guests. We encourage our vendors to accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Someone will need to be at the booth the entire show. Free WiFi will be provided for our vendors.

Booth and Application Fee: The booth fee for our September 27th show will be $135.00 for each booth space. There will be a $20.00 application fee for new vendors only. Booth fees are used by Penelope Lane Boutique to pay for our venue, advertising, and mailings. They also provide vendors with the opportunity to have their line accessible to shoppers from our blog. The $20 application fee is not refundable. Once accepted, booth fees are not refundable or transferable. When filling out the application, please be specific about the types of products you sell. If a vendor is accepted and wishes to add different types of items, Penelope Lane Boutique Coordinators MUST be notified to make sure that the new items are a good fit for our show. No sharing of booths is allowed unless this plan is discussed with Penelope Lane Boutique Coordinators first.

What type of products are we looking for? Penelope Lane Boutique accepts vendors who provide quality handmade products, have creative booth presentation, are active in social media and/or ETSY, and provide a well-rounded variety to our show. In the past we have automatically accepted all of our returning vendors. We will be changing that policy for the Fall, 2014 show in order to provide a wide variety of booths products for our shoppers. All vendors, including vendors who have been in our previous shows, will be requested to fill out an application form on-line during the application period. However, vendors who have been in our previous shows do NOT have to pay the application fee.

Tables and Electricity: If a vendor wishes to rent a six-foot table or use electricity, there is a $10.00 charge for a table and/or electricity, payable with the booth fee. Some vendors bring their own additional lighting which is a benefit for their display.

IMPORTANT: Vendor’s applications will be complete only after we receive the online application AND two separate checks: For new vendors, a $20.00 application fee, AND the booth fee of $135.00. If the booth fee is not paid before the end of the application period, the application will not be considered complete, except in certain circumstances discussed with Penelope Lane Boutique Coordinators.

Checks should be made payable to Penelope Lane Boutique. 
Booth fee checks will not be deposited until after the vendor is accepted in to the show.

If a vendor’s line is not accepted to our show, we will shred the booth fee check.

All vendors will receive an email letting them know if they have been accepted in to the show or not within one to two days of the final application deadline.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Penelope Lane Boutique!

Questions? Email us at penelopelaneboutique@yahoo.com

Please like us on our Facebook Page HERE and for more updates regarding the boutique.

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