Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Faces behind Penelope Lane Boutique

Sarah and Nancy 
The Mother/Daughter duo behind Penelope Lane Boutiques

Nancy has been involved with boutiques and crafts since she was a young girl. Her handmade crafts were sold in craft fairs when she was just ten years old. However, as a young adult, Nancy became more interested in marketing other crafter’s items. She began her own business as a manufacturer’s representative for infant clothing and gifts made by a number of crafters. One of her vendor’s lines even ended up being sold at Nordstroms!

Nancy’s dream was to stay at home and raise her four children, so starting this business helped her to work most of the time from home. After she sold that business, she developed a line of baby announcements, called “Tiny Tidings.” She sold that business, and spent the next few years attending nursing school. After she became a Registered Nurse, Nancy has worked on medical floors of two hospitals, as a hospice nurse, and currently works part time mentoring nursing student at a local community college.
As much as Nancy enjoys working with the nursing students, she also loves being involved in the craft world, and that is why she and Sarah have so much fun with the Penelope Lane Boutiques. Nancy’s experiences have helped her to plan, organize, and implement quality boutiques while having fun doing it. She and Sarah love to work with the vendors and enjoy visiting with the guests who come by to shop.
 Nancy’s favorite thing to do, however, is spending time with her family. Her husband of 35 years their four grown kids, and 5 grandchildren!

Sarah: with Nancy being her mom she has been around the craft world her entire life! She has always enjoyed handmade crafts either made by others or making them herself. She has attended craft boutiques forever and never imagined she would one day host her own. It's like a dream come true. She loves being surrounded by such an amazing community of talented artisans. 
After graduating from college with a degree in Human Development and psychology she found her passion was working with people with special needs. She worked in that field for a few years before she married her college sweetheart, Bryant. Now Sarah's time is spent with her little family. Her husband (and huge supporter) of ten years and their children, Katie, Ella and Carter. She feels blessed to be a stay at home mom and enjoys blogging and crafting along the way.  As her daughters grew so did their loves of crafts too. One day a few years ago Sarah and the girls sat down to craft and soon after Little Penelope Lane was created (which eventually lead her to starting up boutiques as well)! You can read that story and more about Sarah here.


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