Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall Boutique

The Boutique

The Fall boutique came and went, just like that! It was packed full of amazing crafters and wonderful guests! Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who came and supported. 
AND.. a HUGE thank you to my parents for letting me once again completely take over their home and fill it with tables, crafts and people. They are the best!
Here is a glimpse into the boutique. I linked up those who have shops so make sure to check them out. Such awesome, talented ladies!  

 Little Penelope Lane

 Amazing Cookies by Sandy 
 Yummy Baked goods by Cakes and Crumbs 

 beautiful hand made scarfs and blankets by Heather 
 Paintings by Katie 

Jams by Stephanie 
 Nanny Goat Designs 

 Cinnamon Stik 

 Mayflower boats by Ruth 

 Malibu Petals 
 Yellow Polkadot 


Once again thank you to all who came and participated!!

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  1. Thank YOU for letting me come! I actually had a lot of fun visiting and hanging out with people too. It was a lot busier than I planned, you are SUPER!