Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring Boutique 2010

 Spring Boutique

Refreshing beverage bar (thank you Megan)
Yummy treats for our guests (and crafters)

Half a Dozen Daisies and her cute beach towel beach bags & cute frames
Cakes n' crumbs.... oh YUM!
I found these old shutters at a garage sale last week and turned them into headband holders.
Pumpkin Seed's darling tutus, cutest burp clothes and diaper/wipe holders
Stacey Tate's creations ("Ask" signs and darling Mother's day cards)
Getting all set up
(I later realized I neglected to take pictures of the other side of the room where other things were set up like Carried away bags)
Kristin Moro Wise's art. She was also passing out info for her art camps this summer that Katie can NOT wait for! She is so excited!!
ceramic coaster sets and ceramic refrigerator magnets sets from Lady Cupcake's Corner
Little Icing on top (darn, i did not get a good picture of that cute booth. if someone else did will you email it over to me please)
Busy Books for Busy Bodies and homemade Jam
Little Man Ties, Super Hero Capes, Paci Clips, and Ladies' Scarves from Baby by Brooke
camera strap covers, baby bow ties and car seat canopies from Funky PolkadotGiraffe

Beautiful necklaces and clips from the Shabby Shack
We were all set up just in time for 10:00 because right at 10 I looked out the window and saw boutique guests walking up the steps... I got chills as I said "o.k. girls... it's go time!" It was so fun!
some of the shoppers. I wish I got more pictures of our guests... but I was a little busy running circles around the house for four hours.
The amazing check out lady... mamacita! She was amazing and handled the responsibility with ease! She had it down to a science! Thanks MOM!!!!!
Overall, the boutique was a success and so much fun! Once again thanks to everyone involved as well as every one who came to support! We enjoyed the experience so much that we will be doing a Holiday Boutique in the fall. Mark your calendars for Friday night October 15th and Saturday October 16th. A two day event this time!

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